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Chocolate sponge

A rich chocolaty sponge known for its moisture and soft texture.

Victoria sponge

A very traditional sponge, a definite crowd pleaser that is complimented well by fresh cream and jam, a guaranteed winner.

Red Velvet

Rich in texture, very vibrant in colour and is guaranteed to provide the wow factor; that is without even trying the sponge.

Vanilla sponge

Another crowd pleaser that goes really well with most of the creams.

Carrot cake

A classic sponge, filled with a mixture of carrots, raisins and walnuts; goes down a treat with some cream cheese icing.

Marble sponge

It’s a mixture of chocolate with a hint of vanilla sponge. Great alone or topped with some luscious buttercream.

Lemon sponge

A sweet sponge with a light hint of lemon.

Orange and Chocolate sponge

Says it all in the name, a moist orange sponge with a hint of chocolate.

Coconut sponge

A very fluffy sponge with a strong texture; works really well with fresh cream and jam.

Oreo sponge

Says it all, if you love the biscuits you will love this sponge.

Coffee sponge

A guaranteed office winner, filled with light hints of coffee this sponge goes down a treat with fresh cream & cherry’s.


Fresh Cream

A very popular cream all round, not too sweet and nor to plain.

Chocolate cream

Smooth and creamy, a guaranteed favourite for chocolate lovers.

White chocolate cream

This is a very rich and silky cream, it’s the perfect partner for a red velvet sponge.

Milk chocolate cream

Made exactly the same way as white chocolate cream however this uses milk chocolate instead, provides a great finish for marble sponge.

Cream cheese icing

An rich and appetising cream that works extremely well with a carrot cake sponge.


One of the safest creams to go with most cake sponges.

All our creams are made with nothing but the freshest and simplest ingredients with no substitutes and no preservatives.

Buttercream FillingFresh Cream Filling
Cake Pops

Cake Pops

These wonders are very popular in America.

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